Mme Myriam Schwartz

Political advisor, Solar Impulse foundation

Myriam Schwartz is a political advisor to Bertrand Piccard, renowned aviator recognized for having flown around the world in a solar-powered aircraft – Solar Impulse. She joined the Solar Impulse Foundation in 2018 in order to encourage decision-makers to adopt more ambitious energy policies and environmental objectives.

A graduate of both a major engineering school and Sciences Po Paris, she combines technical knowledge and diplomatic skill to serve the planet. Her experiences have been marked by major milestones in the climate movement. As a member of the COP21 negotiating team, she was responsible for initiatives carried out within the framework of the Global Climate Action Agenda. At the European Commission, she was involved in the development of the new directive on renewable energies. Until 2017, she supported the advisor on energy and sustainable development of the President of the French Republic.

Her role now sees her at the intersection of innovators, investors and decision-makers, proposing concrete solutions to the challenges of climate change that are at once profitable and good for the environment. Within the Foundation, her objective is two-fold: to highlight certain sectors with high potential for reducing emissions – as in maritime transport, an issue highlighted by Bertrand Piccard during his recent intervention at the G7 – and to inform both public and private actors of existing solutions to fight climate change without delay.