M. Marwad Lahoud

Partner at Tikehau Capital

Marwad Lahoud began his career at the General Delegation for Armament in 1989 as head of the calculation center at the Landes Test Centre, then in charge of the renovation projects for the testing resources and investments coordination. In 1995, he was an advisor for industrial affairs, research and armament in the office of the French Minister of Defense.

In 1998, he became Director of Aerospace Development and in 2000 negotiated the merger with Matra, the first step in the creation of EADS. He was then Director of Strategy and Marketing for the Airbus Group for 10 years (2007- 2017) while being appointed in 2012, Managing Director of EADS France.

Marwan Lahoud has been a partner at Tikehau Capital since April 2018, and chairman of the supervisory board of ACE Management, France’s leading aerospace fund acquired by Tikehau Capital in October 2018.

Initial training as an armament engineer

Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and Supaéro