M. Khaled Sedrak

President of NXTVN

Khaled Sedrak is a continuous entrepreneur with passion for creating disruptive extraordinary-value ventures.

His accumulated experience in large-scale global ICT-infrastructure projects, coupled with his true believe in open access philosophy, gives him the drive and authority to lead in such challenging and complex projects; and has made him a common guest and speaker in many international conferences and global forums such as the ITU, WEF, Broadband Commission and the Nordic’s North Glow.

Capitalizing on the rising cloud wave and its inherent pressing demand on massive data center space and connectivity, and building on the healthy organic growth in this sector, Khaled has started his latest venture “NxtVn” to address this global opportunity through developing NxtVn’s flagship Data Center Parks as mixed real estate and technology venture.

He is leading an elite team in creating a global cluster of well-connected Data Center Parks, distributed around the world in key strategic locations, to serve big data and private cloud players.