M. Jérôme Cathala

President of the Mediterranean Centre for Audiovisual Communication (CMCA)

A graduate of the Centre for the Training of Journalists and a former auditor of the “Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale” (French Institute of Higher Studies of National Defence), Jérôme Cathala began his professional career in 1986 as a reporter for France 3 Ile-de-France and TF1 (French national TV channel).

In July 1987, he joined the national editorial staff of France 3 and collaborated on “la Marche du siècle” before joining France 2 in 1994. A permanent correspondent in Berlin (1995-1997) and then editor-in-chief of the domestic political department of the national editorial staff of France 3, he also participated in the creation of the Fondation France Télévisions.

In 2002, he was a member of the steering committee of the international news channel.

In January 2004, Jérôme Cathala was appointed regional director of France 3 Sud.

In July 2009, he became director of the national editorial board of France 3. In January 2010, he was appointed director of France 3’s national TV News and director of local news for France Télévisions, before being appointed in December 2010 as director of editorial and development of France Télévisions’ TV news. In December 2015, he was appointed director in charge of the Info 2015 project, and in February 2016 he was appointed Director of International Relations and Cooperation. Since 2 January 2017, he has also been appointed Deputy Secretary General of France Télévisions.

Furthermore, Jérôme Cathala has been President of the “Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle” (Mediterranean Centre for Audiovisual Communication) since March 2016.