M. Jean-Francois Marco

Director of Development for France, MERIDIAM funds

Jean-François joined Meridiam in 2010 and has 20 years of expertise in infrastructure in Europe, North America and Africa.

Since joining Meridiam, Jean François has been involved in the projects of the high-speed railway connection between Tours and Bordeaux (SEA), the Nottingham Tramway (NET Phase II), The University of Hertfordshire in England, and the creation and development of the subsidiary in Turkey, where Meridiam has invested more than 300 million euros in four hospital projects (Adana, Bursa, Elazig and Yozgat).

He was then in charge of Meridiam’s development in Africa with 10 projects concluded to date (4 solar farms in Senegal, 2 airports in Madagascar, the port of Owendo in Libreville, Nairobi Nakuru Highway in Kenya, an Offgrid project in Côte d’Ivoire and a geothermal project in Ethiopia).

Finally, he took responsibility for the development of Meridiam in France.

Previously, he worked for Vinci Concessions and Autoroutes du Sud de la France, where he was involved in various infrastructure projects such as Leslys, express tram linking Lyon to its airport (France), the road bypass project in Antwerp (Belgium), Le Mans’ stadium (France) and the South Prado Tunnel (Marseille, France).

He has also worked for the Bouygues Group, in the Development and Financial Engineering Directorate of Bouygues Construction. Jean François has participated in the projects of the Tangier-Mediterranean Port (Morocco), the A41 highway between Annecy and Geneva (France) and the M5 PPP Highway (Hungary).

Jean-François is a graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine (Master in Banking and Finance).