Location : Tunisia
Creation date : 2016
Founder : Awatef Mosbeh
Sector : Digital / Education / Gaming
Partners : Orange Foundation, Orange Tunisia, UNDP, ANME, ANPE, ALESCO
Prizes won : ALECSO prize for the best educational application in the Arab region 2016, Orange Award of the Tunisian Innovative Social Entrepreneur (POESIT) 2016, MBC Hope Prize for the best social project 2017, Demo Africa 2018, AFD SIBC in 2018, PLAY of AFD 2019 and DiafricInvest 2019


Nowadays, children spend an average of 6 hours in front of screens, and are moving more and more away from the paper based activities, which are essential for the acquisition of DIY and creative skills. The idea behind Toufoula kids is to “mix learning on both media, i.e. paper and digital, at the same time” by offering a balanced and attractive user experience. This has given birth to a smart printed magazine, connected to a mobile application, opening up a new dimension for paper through the use of augmented reality technology. Toufoula Kids has an editorial geared towards raising awareness about sustainable development, the environment and social media, aimed at children aged 4 to 10 years old. There, we are launching the special edition of the connected book, created through the star characters of the magazine.


Funding required for Early Stage phase: 500, 000 EUR,
Our funding requirement is:

  • 100k EUR (TECH) for the new technical version:
    – The development and implementation of an on-demand interactive content production platform
    – Option to order the magazine via the mobile application
    – Integration of online payment methods
  • 250k EUR (Markets) For deployment in 3 new international markets and the development of marketing strategies (Tunisia – Morocco – France – Saudi Arabia).
  • 150k EUR (Content) to speed up the production of interactive content


In the Early Stage phase:
Key figure: 8000 copies sold, 7 institutional clients, +2000 iOS and Android mobile downloads, +60 interactive content


Toufoula kids is a multi-platform that broadcasts educational content for children aged 4 to 10. It connects children to their real world through manual games and content on a printed magazine connected to a mobile application through augmented reality games and digital content. (socio-educational envir + mag connected)


Cultural exchange: introducing new languages apart from Arabic, namely: French, Italian, Spanish, Tunisian and Moroccan dialects) and adapting the editorial line for the local cultures of some countries through cooperation projects.

Technology and education: use of new technologies in industry 4.0, such as augmented reality, as support to improve reading of books in the following regions: Tunisia – France – Morocco – Malta – Italy

Environment and Social Impact: introduction in schools to participate in civic education to engage children through engaging games on social and environmental issues related to the Mediterranean, first and foremost.


Organisation of ToufoulaKids 2019 – 2020:
1- Last quarter of 2019:
In the process of distributing 10,000 copies of the magazine, aiming to reach 3000 downloads of the mobile application
During the Paris Games Week, we tested our new product; the connected book, special edition, in Beta version
The installation phase is being initiated in France via Business France

2- First half of 2020:
– Second phase of connected book tests in France, in special edition. This time we are targeting the diaspora in Europe.
– Tunisian market: we aim to increase the distribution of 30,000 new copies and 15,000 downloads of the mobile application
Establish 6 partnerships for creating customised play content

3- Second half of 2020:
Introduction of on-demand purchase on the app whether for print magazine or other integrated content