Location : Le Tholonet (13) – Dakar – Ouagadougou
Beginning of the project : 2017
Leaders of the project : OSHUN – Spinoff of Société du Canal de Provence
Sector : Water / Energy / Development
Partners : UV GERMI, MIOS / SNEF, Crédit Agricole, Grameen Foundation, Crédit Agricole, Danone Communities Fund


OSHUN is a company founded in 2017 whose corporate and inclusive purpose is to ensure the supply of healthy water in rural areas of developing countries. The company was established from the grouping of 3 French companies, each one a leader in their field. Oshun has developed a range of mobile water treatment devices that are powered by solar panels and can be controlled remotely; they are installed in “water kiosks” in villages and outlying areas of secondary cities. Oshun’s business model revolves around the development of local entrepreneurship to reconcile reduction of waterborne diseases with job creation, especially for women. Oshun aims to become a rural hydraulic operator in West Africa.


Mr Jean-Marc PHILIP, Managing Director of OSHUN


€ 2M
Amount envisaged for a 2nd fundraiser in the course of the year 2020 (after a 1st fundraiser of € 1M in 2018).


  • 2.5 million people die each year due to lack of access to drinking water. It is to fight against this situation that the OSHUN project was set up.
  • 50 water kiosks in use – 300 planned.


Oshun has opened about fifty water kiosks in 7 regions of Senegal. To guarantee a service at a fair price (between 10 and 20 FCFA per litre of clean water), the Oshun Senegal economic model is based on a fast growth of the network of kiosks, in order to reach as quickly as possible the level of savings necessary to balance its finances. After strong growth in opening kiosks since its foundation, Oshun Senegal plans to stabilise the growth of its network at between 40 and 50 kiosk openings per year in Senegal for the coming years. To date, Oshun estimates to be able to reach the number of 350 kiosks opened by 2025. At the same time, Oshun is thinking about opening kiosk networks in other West African countries. Its has numerous partnerships with key players in the development community.


OSHUN is working on deploying its innovative and inexpensive solution for accessing water in rural areas of developing countries in Africa and in the Mediterranean (in North Africa and the Middle East in particular). Access to water is one of the major challenges for Mediterranean countries. The solution deployed by Oshun is frugal and energy efficient. Its connectivity solution is a major asset for driving the key indicators of success in the social and health fields, particularly in crisis areas.