Location : France-South/Marseille Region
Beginning of the project : Development started in 2015, Company Inc. In (2017)
Leaders of the project : Georges Dagher and Philippe Laflandre
Sector : Digital Infrastructure (Data Centers)
Partner : NxtVn Data Center Parks


Developing and operating a cluster of data center campuses (“Parks”) and fiber connectivity facilities (“NIX™” or “NIXs”) in the France South region, under the name (“Digital Riviera”). NxtVn pure-infrastructure offering is limited to long-term leases of fully fitted-out, single-tenant, data center facilities, built to the clients’ order/specifications. NxtVn’s business model doesn’t assume any legacy Colo offering that requires the deployment of construction capital speculatively without the clients’ offtake commitment.
NxtVn’s Digital Riviera project comprise of three connectivity entry points (NIXs) in the center of Marseille in addition to two more sites to its East and West. The NIXs will serve as the nerve-nodes for the Data Center Parks offering connectivity optionality and resilience.
The integration of the large/medium scale campuses (Parks) with the connectivity facilities (NIXs), while adhering to the Open-Access and Neutrality principles, creating an ecosystem that fosters competition and innovation.

While Marseille is envied internationally for its historical connectivity position due to the large number of subsea cables, NxtVn’s approach goes beyond focusing on the past, with a future-oriented strategy promoting the landing of new subsea cables and expanding the landing horizon by adding new east and west fiber entry-points, which further augments France’s competitive position and its infrastructure resilience.
NxtVn’s sustainability-centered philosophy, the open-access ecosystem approach and the economies of the scale, derived from the multi-tenant campuses, adds tremendous value to the potential investments in heat-reuse solutions and energy storage projects, not to mention attracting more investments in renewable energy production.
While NxtVn Data Center Parks will focus on attracting international data centers, it will welcome any local players, whether big or small.
NxtVn’s pure infrastructure offering coupled with the Shovel-Ready campuses attract and retain international data centers to France-South region.


Georges Dagher,
Philippe Laflandre


  • Advanced Stage Site Development Capital
  • Commitment on Construction Capital


  • Total Cost : Phase I: 10M€-15M€, Phase II: 45M€ & Phase III: 400M€
  • Other (Incomes, jobs created:
    Construction Jobs: 10-15/MW
    Operational Jobs: 4-5/MW
    Indirect Jobs: 6-8/MW


NxtVn’s Digital Riviera project, with its multi-landing points, distributed data centers campuses, Open-Access/Neutrality and sustainability principles, will result in more fiber connectivity projects, creating an open and competitive platform for cross-Mediterranean collaboration in business, economy, research and education sectors.


Purchase of a first field in progress. Building permit valid