Location : FRANCE
Beginning of the project : Early 2020
Project holders : CMCA
Sector : Digital audiovisual
Partners : France 3 Network (Corsica-Via Stella, Mediterranean, Occitanie)
Tunisian Television
2M Moroccan television
France Media World (France 24, CFI, RFI,
Monte Carlo Doualiya)
Les Haut Parleurs


Mediterranea project of a new Mediterranean digital offer of the CMCA and France Télévisions. It will be aimed at young people (15-35 years old). It will be composed of programmes targeted by partners around the Mediterranean around social themes: development, economy, employment, environment, culture, and democracy.
It will leave room for debate, giving young people the opportunity to intervene and interact. Mediterranea must also be a place of creation of new formats by integrating the video works of young people from both shores of the Mediterranean.


The Mediterranean Centre for Audiovisual Communication (CMCA) is an association based in Marseille since 1995. It is a Mediterranean network of audiovisual cooperation that brings together television organisations as well as producers and audiovisual stakeholders belonging to the Mediterranean cultural area. The CMCA has, since its creation and that of the Primed (Mediterranean Reporting and Documentary Award), which it organises each year, received more than 5,000 films that deal with a unique subject: the Mediterranean.


The EUR 10M will be used for the technical implementation of the project, the translation of works into several languages, the remuneration of young video artists, the rights and extension of rights (authors, producers), and the recruitment of a smaller dedicated team.


Total cost: EUR 10M


On average, young people represent 70% of the population of the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean basin. Mediterranea wants to give them keys to understanding the world around them. Rich with its many partners from both shores, it will take into account various perspectives to allow a good understanding of Mediterranean societies. It will also be a space of expression and creation for these Mediterranean citizens who will build the Mediterranean of the future. Plurilingual and inclusive, it will become a tool to promote a positive image of the region through the contents of the various Mediterranean channels, as well as the work done by young people from both shores by giving them an outlet on the airwaves.


RAI (Italy) and RTVE (Spain) are currently studying the offer with a possible view to join. On the other hand, the CMCA will turn first to its member televisions: Algeria, Egypt, Croatia, Jordan, Turkey. In the long run, all the televisions of the Mediterranean basin will be approached to engage in Mediterranea.