Location : Roquefort la Bédoule
Creation date : 2016
Founder : Nicolas Carlési
Sector : Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Environment, Waste Treatments
Partners : SUD Region, risingSUD, Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, Accelerator M, Cassis City, BPI France, Initiative France, Aubagne-La Ciotat Initiatives, Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, Total Regional Development, Mediterranean Sea Centre, LIRMM, Glokis, Reseaclons, UGAP
Prizes won : Winner of the Positive Entrepreneurs Trophy, Creativity Award, local and departmental level, CPME13, 2019
Winner of the challenge “Orange 5G @Marseille 2019”
Winner of the challenge “Zero plastic waste in the Mediterranean by 2030”, Région SUD, 2019
Winner of Public’s preferred innovation, International Invention Exhibition in Geneva, 2019
Winner Pro Trophy Pro departmental, regional and national – Groupama, 2019
3rd place in the “Rotary Business Creation Awards”, 2018
Winner of the Innovation 2017 competition (Crédit-Agricole / Initiative France)


IADYS is a young innovative company specialised in the study and development of technologies, solutions, applications and innovative products combining artificial intelligence and robotics. For its first implementation, IADYS has developed a marine robot called “Jellyfishbot”. This robot is able to collect macro-wastes and hydrocarbons present on the surface of the water.


  • Research & Development: € 500 k
  • Industrialisation: € 400 k
  • International development: € 350 k
  • Marketing & Communication: € 250 k


Funding requirement: € 1.5 M
Funds obtained so far:

  • Capital: € 10 k, Loans of honor: € 30 k, Bank loans: € 145 k, Refundable advances: € 145 k, Grants: € 82 k, CIR: € 115 k
  • Forecast 2019 turnover: approx. € 200 k


The Jellyfishbot is a technological and environmental showcase for a town, a port, a leisure base or an industrial site. It is a unique, innovative and ecological solution for the preservation of the aquatic environment (collection of micro / macro waste and light / viscous hydrocarbons) and an excellent tool for raising awareness of the preservation of the marine environment. It is versatile and thus a true robotic port assistant (inspecting infrastructures, receiving yachtsmen, transporting objects, etc.) useful for everyday management of water bodies.


Based on the Mediterranean coast, the company has, from the very beginning, been carrying out Jellyfishbot experiments in Cassis, historical partner of the project. In the last year, several ports on the French Mediterranean coast have begun to equip themselves with the Jellyfishbot (Cassis, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Carry-le-Rouet, Montpellier and Ajaccio). Given the tourism issues and the pollution problems experienced by the cities around the Mediterranean, these are priority targets for the coming years.


The development axes of the company are: (1) intensifying R&D work with a view to finalising and commercialising the autonomous version and capable of evolving the Jellyfishbot into a fleet, (2) industrialising and intensifying Jellyfishbot production and (3) developing an international distribution network, starting with the countries around the Mediterranean, followed by countries with high potential in Southeast Asia (partner distributors in Singapore and Japan). The United States, with nearly 12,000 marinas, is a market with very high potential that will be targeted from 2022.