Green Watech


Location : Morocco
Creation date : 2018
Founder : Salma BOUGARRANI (Mohammed V University)
Lahbib Latrach (Cadi Ayyad University)
Sector : Water / Environment
Partners : ANIMA, EU, CONECT, Startup Maroc
Prizes won : Award for rational use of water, Cleantech 2018.
IRESEN Award: Cote d’Ivoire
CDG Innovation Award


Green WATECH, a social enterprise founded in 2018 and based in Morocco. Green WATECH offers the rural population the fundamental right to access sanitation services, using a new innovative solution for the treatment and reuse of wastewater (Moroccan-Japanese patent) at the level of rural communities and decentralised sites such as academic institutions, schools, hotels, and tourist sites.


The Green WATECH startup is represented by its Managing Director/CEO Dr. Salma BOUGARRANI
and its CTO Dr. Lahbib LATRACH


Funding requirement: 150,000 Euros


  • Prototype installed, 2 years in operation, 98% efficiency
  • Spearhead: Tahanaout village of 1,000 inhabitants, treatment and reuse of 40m3/day
  • Installation in progress of a STEP for a promising tourist site Midelt 25m3/day
  • Cleantech Award and partnership with the Ministry of Water and Environment
  • 50,000 Euro of fundraising with different organisations (CCG, BIDAYA, IRESEN)


The application of the nested filter process offers an environmentally friendly, sustainable, efficient and economical solution owing to its low cost of investment and maintenance as well as the simplicity of maintenance and operation.


Green WATECH is a project with a strong impact on the Moroccan territory in particular, and on the Mediterranean area in general. The application of the Green WATECH solution contributes towards improving the quality of life and the well-being of the rural and decentralised population by limiting the spread of waterborne diseases (diarrhea, cholera, etc.) related to the lack of access to the sanitation service, protects the environment from pollution, minimises the use of drinking water in irrigation, and contributes to the development of agriculture.


December 2019: Completion of the wastewater treatment plant on the Midelt site
2020: Installation of WWTPs for 3 villages and 5 others for tourist sites. Private References.
2021: Scalability in the African market (2 sub-Saharan countries)