Location : Meyreuil
Creation date : 28 June 2019
Founder : Jean-Christophe Lecosse
Sector : Digital / IoT
Partners : Smartembed, Servebox,…


An innovative solution for fast and accessible creation of connected objects with the associated application for B to B. Easy to use without skills in electronics or IT to either demonstrate the use cases before the deployment of an important project or deploy solutions directly.


Jean-Christophe Lecosse (double qualifications in science and management), 22 years of experience in innovation including 12 years in major industrial and logistics groups (Air Liquide, Geodis), also President of the Nov@log Competitiveness Cluster as well as of FILRFID. Former Director General of CNRFID, which became connectwave in 2015, the Experimentation and Usage platform for Connected Professional Objects, he is recognised as an expert in the uses of IoT.

Sébastien NEDJAR is a doctor in computer science and lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille, member of the Advanced Databases team of the Computer Science and Systems Laboratory (UMR CNRS 7020). He created and animated the Fablab of Pays d’Aix (LAB) devoted to high-level topics related to electronics, computer science and IoT.
In connection with the LAB, he was the co-holder of the Carrefour Innovation and Digital project.


  • Funding: € 200 k in seed funding and related contributions (achieved), supplemented by € 300 k in innovation loans and contributions from private investors.
  • At the end of these two phases, the necessary funding amount is € 700 k for the industrial deployment and internationalisation phase.


  • € 120 K investment for the development of the Proto
  • € 400 k investment necessary for the development of the solution
  • 10 customers in 2020, 100 in 2021, 200 in 2022
  • 10 people in 2021,
  • Turnover of € 120k in 2020, € 500k in 2021, € 1.3m in 2022


This patented solution makes it possible for a large number of companies to take the first step to enter the world of IoT and demonstrate the ROI in their business. Once this demonstration is done (step too heavy with market solutions), many projects can be launched, bringing benefits to all the players in the IoT (manufacturers of sensors, contactless technologies, integrators, etc.); the region has a pool of skills and real, internationally recognised, expertise in this regard. Numerous startups, SMEs or large groups from all sectors will be able to launch IoT solutions much faster than today.


An important ecosystem around IoT in the Région SUD that can benefit from the acceleration of IoT projects. A European project that has already been launched with a financing agreement in place, in which Easiliot is actively participating along with 8 partners in 7 countries including 4 in the Mediterranean Basin (Project supported by ST and Microsoft).


After the development of MVP at the end of the year, the first sales in “customer specific development” mode will be launched and in parallel the development of the complete solution in “CoDeaaS” mode (Connected Device as a Service) to make the solution available in another distribution that is both scalable and international.