M. Pierre-Noël Luiggi

Founder of Oscaro

Pierre-Noël Luiggi, from a young age has been passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Pragmatic and passionate, he launches Oscaro in 1999 after completing his MBA at Sciences-Po Paris. While contemplating the purchase of two small businesses, the side-view mirror of his Land Rover Freelander is torn off in the street. It is while searching in vain a replacement mirror on the internet that Pierre-Noël sees the difficulty one has to procure auto spare parts. The idea of Oscaro, an online portal for the sale of new and original auto spare parts, is then born.

The success is dazzling. In two years, the company reaches its first million in turnover. With its success, Oscaro goes international in 2006 with the opening of Oscaro Recambios for the Spanish market. Oscaro Belgium and Oscaro Portugal would then follow. Pierre-Noël can be proud of having created one of the gems of French e-commerce. Oscaro, at the end of 2017, employed 800 people, with more than 350 million euros in turnover.

After meetings with the R & D teams of the French CEA, Pierre-Noël opens in mid-2017 a new start-up, OscarLab: A laboratory for incubation and research to bring out new activities around three axes: the electrification of thermal-powered vehicles (retrofit), with a first car in the process of homologation, OscarLog, dedicated to logistics and the development of a process to improve quality in deliveries and finally Oscaro Power, the sale of ready-to-mount solar panel systems directly to the consumer.

The ambition: Disrupt the domestic renewable energy market and give a second life to millions of vehicles that are still perfectly usable.